Coymep construcciones y mecanizaciones pesadas

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Pavillion and cranes


Milling and drifting



COYMEP disposes of a surface of 4.000 square meters, distributed in 200 square meters for administration and the rest destined to machine shops. It also disposes of cranes 40 + 10 Ton. to manipulate the pieces and enable the assembling.
COYMEP disposes machining centers and boring machines controlled by CNC with capacity until 10.000 mm in X axis, 3.500 mm in Y axis and 1.500 mm in Z axis with automatic change of bolsters and turning table of 3.000 x 3.000 mm and up to 50.000 Kg. Load.
COYMEP disposes of a vertical lathe controlled by CNC with capacity up to 4.000 mm diameter and 3.000 mm height, disposes some horizontal lathes with capacity up to 2.000 mm diameter and 6.000 mm length.
COYMEP, S.L. Polígono Ugaldetxo Zuaznabar, 2 - A / Apdo. 148 20180 Oiartzun (Gipuzkoa) Tel. 943 261 188 | Fax 943 492 728 |